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Learn Graphs and Social Network Analytics Using Python

This course is absolutely designed for beginners , graph enthusiast ready to analyze the world using graphs

What you’ll discover

  • Produce charts making use of NetworkX bundle
  • Produce nodes of a chart
  • Develop sides of a chart
  • Identify the characteristics of a node as well as sides
  • Examine socials media like Facebook and also Twitter
  • Pupils will certainly discover more concerning homes of a chart
  • Learn more about Clustering coefficient, Betweenness midpoint, level midpoint and so on
  • Learn more about Connected charts, Bipartite charts, and so on
  • Discover the sorts of charts made use of for social media evaluation.


  • Standard shows understanding in python or various other language.
  • Accessibility to computer system as well as with an internet.
  • Basics of Graph Theory.


: Learn Graphs and Social Network Analytics Using Python

NEW COURSE IS HERE! Discover Graphs and also Social Network Analytics.Become a chart and also social expert today. This is an extensive course, basic as well as simple for python lover and also those with little python history. You wish to learn more about exactly how to attract charts and also evaluate them, this is the course for you. This course will certainly consist of some tests, examination as well as some research projects, along with some real life task jobs. There mores than 55 talks as well as regarding 6hours to finish the course. This course features online coding screenshots utilizing iPython Notebook.Below is the list of the course recap.

– Overivew of networkX.

– Install networkX component as well as iPython Notebooks.

– Create nodes.

– Add sides to nodes.

– Getting features from a chart.

– Manipulate your charts ie.; get rid of nodes/ sides.

– Create DiGraphs/MultiGraphs/MultiDiGraphs.

– Graph Generators.

– Graph metrics; quickest path/clustering coefficient.

– Define features.

– Visualize charts.

– Calculate nodes/degree/centrality metrics.

– Some arbitrary charts.

– Small popular charts.

– Reading as well as composing chart data.

– Social network evaluation.

– Subgraphs.

– Facebook Social Network Analysis.

Course objectives:.

– At the end of the course pupils ought to have the ability to find out some essentials of chart concept.

– Students need to have the ability to evaluate Facebook socials media.

– Students ought to take the basic tests.

– Students need to recognize what is guided as well as undirected charts.

– Students need to have the ability to picture charts utilizing various chart stories.

– You can utilize this course to assess the globe as a network.

– Everything in this globe is currently attached.

– Extract beneficial info from charts.

Life time accessibility to the course. What are you awaiting? Discover useful chart as well as social media network analytics today that would certainly enhance your job as well as boost your expertise.

Who this course is for

  • Beginners who have actually never ever configured in python prior to.
  • Pupils who are Graph Enthusiast.
  • Intermediate python developers who wish to level up their abilities.
  • Pupils who intend to evaluate social media networks like Facebook as well as Twitter.
  • Math trainees who intends to use their expertise in Graph Theory.

About the instructor.

Theophilus Siameh:

Stimulate Developer, SAS Programmer and also Data Scientist.
I’m Spark Developer, SAS Programmer as well as Data Scientist, Predictive Modeler, Graph Analyst as well as structure of Android Mobile Applications. I have Masters level( Mathematics as well as Statistics) from East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, Tennessee. Throughout my job I have actually created an ability in evaluating information, especially utilizing Python as well as a selection of components and also collections. I intends to utilize this experience in mentor and also information scientific research to assist other individuals discover the power of the Python programs language as well as its capability to examine information, as well as chart along with existing the information in clear and also gorgeous visualizations.

I likewise have the adhering to Certifications:.

Databricks as well as O’Reilly Certified Developer for Apache ® Spark ™ (2016 ),.

SAS Certified Base Programmer for SAS 9 Certified 02/04/2015.

SAS Certified Clinical Trials Programmer Using SAS 9 Certified 06/12/2015.

SAS Certified Advanced Programmer for SAS 9 Certified 04/29/2015.

SAS Certified Statistical Business Analyst Using SAS 9: Regression as well as Modeling Certified 08/25/2015.

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